Thank you to everyone who volunteered this past weekend! Together we were able to plant 25 edible trees and perennial shrubs. Lush Farms is now a reality.

Above is the plan created by the Shenandoah Permaculture Institute. It was implemented thanks to so many generous people and companies. For example, on the day of the event Buckingham Branch — the longest short rail in Virginia — gave volunteers access to their nearby parking lot.

We are especially grateful for the grant from Keep Virginia Beautiful.

The News-Leader had a feature on it, Staunton entrepreneurs tackle urban farming:

McCaskey and Wiedemann planned a cost‐effective, low‐impact, regenerative landscape that will help manage storm‐water runoff and improve air quality. They’ll plant trees, fruits and vegetables, as well as collect and filter thousands of gallons of water each year. With support from local residents and experience working with the Shenandoah Permaculture Institute, their goal is to create a perennial landscape that benefits people, animals, birds and insects.

Read it and see the photos here:


If you would like to follow the project as it progresses please join the mailing list. We’re already discussing the next phase!

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