McCaskey & Pyle…In Your Corner (& Ours, Too)

trellis fence corner

Okay, clearly I’m biased…but the best law firm in town is McCaskey & Pyle.

My gratitude and thanks to my uncle, lawyer David McCaskey. David donated time and materials to this project as well as his patience teaching me how to use a blowtorch! (Yeah, blowtorch! Don’t mess with me!)

He donated two weekends helping me construct and erect these corner trellises. They are made out of metal “T” posts, livestock fencing, and heavy duty wire. These will support edible fruit (kiwi) and a wisteria (for beautiful blooms). Later we will connect these corners with wire so the plants — which are pretty aggressive — have room to stretch out. This will create a fence line that is productive and allows animals to pass through, too.

Thank you, David!


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