Donation from Edible Landscaping


Thank you, friends at Edible Landscaping!

Edible Landscaping was kind enough to donate five (5) pear trees:

(2) Shinko Pears
(1) Housi Asian Pear
(1) Korean Giant Pear
(1) Pear of unknown variety (a mystery!)

What is neat is that all of these trees will bloom and mature at different times. That fits well with the permaculture idea of “stacking.” The idea is to stack functions in a design so that every part is active and something is always ready for harvest.

Will you be part of the planting party Sunday, October 23rd? I look forward to the beautiful blossoms next Spring (and the surprise once we figure out the “mystery” pear tree)!


Photo thanks to unsplash at pexels.

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